Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ryan's graduation ceremony

It was such a blessing that Ryan got accepted to Army Baylor for the 
MHA/MBA program.  He worked so hard all year and made great friends.  
We are so proud of him.  

Saying Goodbye to San Antonio

The year in San Antonio went by too fast.  We really loved every moment.  
We made great friends and really made the most of our time there.  
San Antonio is such a charming place.  

Our last SeaWorld trip 
Our last Zoo trip
Our last Story time at the library with Ms. Randi
On Sam's actual birthday, we went to a little water park.
He got to be the boss for the day and had Ryan and me swing from a
rope swing into the water.  Ryan bruised his ribs.
He also chose to eat at his favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-a.
We moved the next day. 
Saying goodbye to the Fords was the very last thing we did.
We went to church with sweet Mason, Dakota, and Cooper
and then they became our neighbors 1 month before we moved.  

Random pics

My cousin Jeremy and Katie moved to Austin just as we
were packing to move!  At least we got a nice evening together.  

Monster masks from Alani
Sam wears the Hulk on his back and says that it is his IMP Zombie.
Tessa's smile brightens our world.
I love the teething necklace Melanie gave me and the dress Kazie gave me.
Luke's attempt for a selfie.

My mom gave Tessa her very first dollie, GiGi from France.
The boys adore Tessa.  She is our baby doll or Kewpie doll.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sam's Zombie Party

Happy 4th Birthday Sam!
Claire made all the zombies so we could pin the pea on them, hang them, and shoot them.  
The Laneys, Chiquituctos, Niesses, and Bravo/Lo families helped us celebrate.  

Claire's artwork and party
water games
playing Angry Birds
Zombie cake and water relay games
Tessa and Olivia together, Alani's special cupcake, and
Sam enjoying his moment
Laurel and me with our girls
Stickers with Isaac and Noah

BradoJets and Aunt Elizabeth

Brady and Elizabeth came the end of May to the beginning of June.  Of course, we had a total blast with them at the Japanese Tea Garden, zoo, Laurel's house, the Missions and tubing down the Comal River.  It was so great to have quality time with them before their wedding.  
Bran and Claire came down for the party.  Our boys ate up all the extra attention.  They kept confusing Bran and Brady.  Sam would say, "Which one is the one with the beard and glasses?"  
Well, they both have a beard and glasses.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Visit from the Baileys

Kari and I go way back.  We started working at Primary Childrens as nurses at the same time and have been twinkies ever since.  Our adventures started with travel nursing and our lives have paralleled with us getting married the same year and now both having 3 munchkins each.  It means so much to have a friend that is going through the exact same chaos I am.  They came down for a fun visit and trip to Sea World!  

Play dates with Ellie and Laurel

One of my all time favorite things about living in San Antonio was living near Laurel.  She is basically like family because our whole families grew up together.   It was really something special to have our kids play and adore each other.  We had lots of play dates! 

Kiddie Park

Kiddie Park and Zoo