Saturday, June 13, 2015

Preschool Graduate

We have loved every minute of St. Andrew's Preschool.  Sam has made great friends and adores his teachers, Ms. Crystal, Ms. Kathy, Ms. Rachel and Ms. Jen.  
They put on the cutest preschool graduation.  Sam hammed it up.  We are glad that we don't have to say goodbye to St. Andrews just yet because Luke is very excited to start in the Fall.  

Poor Phoenix was too shy

Noah is our neighbor and we are hoping will be in the same class next year. 

Trip to Target

After this trip, Ryan vowed he would never take the 3 kids shopping by himself again!

Airplane Museum

In an old Air Force ONE

Lukey's favorite was the Space Station.  He was an astronaut for Halloween last year and immediately ran up to this statue and hugged him and posed for pics.  Sam was interested in learning about the Challenger explosion and then we climbed into a space pod ready for orbit.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Mt. St. Helen's

Ever since we moved here, Ryan has been
excited about going to Mt. St. Helen's. He went there with his family in 1986, only 6 years after it erupted.  It was surprising how much the boys were riveted to learn about its eruption.  So much that when we got home, they drew pictures of it and then we recreated a volcano with playdough, baking soda and vinegar.